You don’t have to have good credit or money down to buy real estate. The hardest part is doing your first deal. How to get 100 financing home loans? Good question, this is like “Holy Grail” in Real Estate Investment industry.

100 financing home loans
100% Creative Financing Home Loans

The fact is; there is no 100 percent financing lender in this country, period. Nobody will give you 100% LTV. But I have solution; creative financing, which can give you 100% funding.

Let me explain how we can help you get 100 commercial real estate financing:

Residential Real Estate

  1. We have funding program for residential real estate for 1 – 4 units up to 65% LTV without any documents and without credit, you have to put 35% down payment, see all details about this program here
  2. We have down payment funding option for your 35% down payment. You can use our business or personal loan for your down payment. There are two different programs for credit lines: business loan – focus on your business cash flow with bad credit and business / personal loan from 700 credit score (if your credit is below 700, you can use your business partner credit and also friend or family). See more details about business and personal loan here

Commercial Real Estate

  1. You can use your own funding source (different company) who can provide for you first lien position loan up to 75 – 85% LTV
  2. We can provide remaining funds for your down payment, using our business or personal loan programs.

This way we can create 100 financing home loans. I know this is not perfect solution and not for everyone, but for some of you can be fit.

Martin Nowak

10 thoughts to “100 Financing Home Loans

  • Robert Haworth

    Hi I am looking into a build that has a Pub and grill in it. I want to turn it into a commissary kitchen. I have 3 food vendors that want to use it. And there three separate spaces in the building for business to lease. I have three business line up to lease. I would need a loan for 600.000 to 700.00 plus the down payment loan. Please send me options and contact number.


    • Martin Nowak

      Hello Robert,

      We no longer do real estate financing- however we can do a business loan and you can use that for your down payment. Please follow this link to fill out our application, and submit it with three months of your banks statements. Thank You.


  • Immanuel,G

    I Need financial assistance to buy a Land and Construct a house,
    i want’s 80,00000, lakhs for this Real estate business,
    I want’ loan amount with low interest, please help me to get the funds,
    with out fail every month i re-pay the amount, share the details,

    • Martin Nowak


      We do not lend for businesses outside USA


  • tito vasquez

    I looking to purchase apartment building downtown Findlay Ohio, the buildings located not far from the marathon corporation. I have been offered other buildings through some friends, the owners are willing to sell to me because they are retiring so I’m jumping at the chance to buy. The prices start at $40,000.00 to 180,000.00.

    First building 222 S MAIN ST FINDLAY, OH 45840 $180,000.00 rent roll is $2,600,00
    As of today, the building has 4 apartments and 2 businesses one in the front and one at the back and four apartments, the total revenue to date is $2,500.00 per month

    Parcel: 570000210260 Tax per year $3096.96 per mother $258.08. Estimated property Insurance $150.00
    Purchase price:$180,000.00
    Loan amount $180,000.00 6.000% 30years
    Optional extra payments Tax/Ins $400.00
    Scheduled monthly payment $1,079.19
    Total Payment $1,479.19
    Interest Payment $900.00

    Second building 220 S MAIN ST FINDLAY OH 45840 $160,000.00 offer $120,000 it was accepted rent roll Is $1,400,00 per month as of today, the building as one business in the front and one business on the back, both business are current with rent. There is also an apartment on the second floor that needs worked no, it can generate $700.00 after the apartment is remodel, for a total revenue of $ 2,000.00 per month.

    Parcel: 570000210250 Tax per year 1614.54 per month $134.60. property Insurance $150.00
    Purchase price:$120,000.00
    Loan amount $120,000.00 6.000% 30years
    Optional extra payments Tax/Ins $284.00
    Scheduled monthly payment $719.46
    Total Payment $1,003.46
    Interest Payment $600.00

    Third building 221 S MAIN ST FINDLAY OH 45840 $90,000,00 offer $40,000.00 it was accepted the first floor is empty it used to be an attorney’s office, the offices can be leased out and could generating $700.00 a month in revenue, the upstairs need about $30,000 of construction work, after repairs are done the apartment can be leased for 750.00 per months, for a total revenue of $1,450.00 per month

    Parcel: 570000210810 Tax per year 1287.76 per month $107.31 property Insurance $150.00
    Purchase price:$40,000.00
    Loan amount $40,000.00 7.000% 30years
    Optional extra payments Tax/Ins $257.31
    Scheduled monthly payment $239.82
    Total Payment $497.13
    Interest Payment $200.00
    Building 222 and 220 and generating $3,900.00 per month in revenue, building 221 need work no revenue at this time, after renovations building 221 can generate revenue of $1,400.00 per month. Total rent roll to date per month is $3,900.00 future rent roll
    $5,300.00 per month.

    Total purchase $340.000.00 + 80,000.00 on construction Total investment $420,000.00
    Loan $420,000.00 6.000% Loan period in years 30 Scheduled monthly payment $2,518.11
    Actual number of payments 360
    Scheduled Payment Extra Payment Total Payment Principal
    $2,518.11 $1,099.99 $3,618.10 $1,518.10

    Future value of buildings
    First building 222 S MAIN ST FINDLAY, OH 45840 $350,000.00

    Second building 220 S MAIN ST FINDLAY OH 45840 $250.000.00

    Third building 221 S MAIN ST FINDLAY OH 45840 $230.000.00

    With Marathon $80 million expansion of its downtown it just got started three weeks ago, by the time it’s finished prices on the downtown building will skyrocket, The refining giant wants to build two new office buildings and two parking decks to the south of its existing headquarters building. Marathon is also exploring the option of working with a third-party developer to build a hotel or other mixed use facility on the corporate campus

    • Martin Nowak

      Hi Tito,

      I have only Real Estate financing for residential 1-4 units and up to $150,000 purchase price. If your some project meet this criteria, let me know I can help you. Also I can offer you cash business loan approved base on your business cash flow, than you can use this funds for your investment as well.


  • SAL



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