You don’t have to have good credit or money down to buy real estate!! 100 financing

How do you get 100 financing on home loans?

Good question! This is the “Holy Grail” in Real Estate Investment industry. The fact is; there is not a 100 percent financing lender in this country, period. Nobody will give you 100% LTV. But we have a creative and awesome solution for financing which can give you 100% funding. We are NOT a real estate investors or lenders, but the business loans we lend out can be used for whatever you need- which includes down payments for real estate investment or just real estate in general. Email now for more information!

Let me explain how I can help you get 100 percent Residential and Commercial real estate financing:

You can use our business loans for your real estate investments needs. Business loans which focuses on your business cash flow- this makes it possible for us to approve you, even if you have a low credit score.

You can use your own funding source (a different company) who can then provide for you first lien position loan up to 75 – 85% LTV

We can provide the remaining funds for your down payment, using our business loan programs.

This way we can create for you a 100 % financing on home or commercial loans. I know this is not perfect solution and not for everyone, but for some of you it can be a great fit. There are always a lot of options outside of the traditional loans, so don’t hesitate to call or message us today! We would be happy to talk to you more and answer any questions you have. Thank you!

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