We started Cash Business Capital because frankly, we were sick and tired of being declined funding because of our personal credit (that understandably took a dive as we started our other businesses, it’s expensive yes?). We had the business plans, we even had the business history with good profits- but that pesky little number came back to haunt us. How were we even supposed to build that credit score and get it higher?

Well, we had had enough. Our business, thankfully, were doing just fine without the funding but we couldn’t get past the experience we had. What would others in our position do? What if they had to have that funding to grow? What if they didn’t have family and friends to lean on?

We believe entrepreneurs should stick together so we began this little engine that could- Cash Business Capital. We’re here for you. For when everyone else says no or laughs. We don’t laugh. We don’t say no. We nod with you and come into your corner and start fighting for you. We advocate for you. We negotiate. And, we don’t stop until you have what you need.

To Apply or Call head on over to the contact page, we’re happy to talk with you in person anytime.