If you’re a business owner, and you need to get a loan but have bad credit- then our Bank Statement Loans program is the perfect solution!  Here at Square Capital Funding we don’t need you to have perfect credit, or even good credit, to get a loan for your business.  In fact, even if you have horrible credit we can help you.  Our program is a unique, one of a kind opportunity that will help you get the funding you need for your business but also help you build up your businesses credit score and credibility.  We really care about helping out the small, and big, local businesses and understand that bad credit happens.  Let us take the burden of a tight budget so you can focus on your customers.

Bad Credit Accepted

When you have bad credit, it seems like it’s impossible to get the funding you need for your business.  The interesting thing about this is oftentimes the reason you have bad credit is because of all the risks you took in order to start that business! Sometimes it works exactly as planned and you start bringing in the revenue you expected right away, and sometimes the equipment breaks or you need more staff but don’t have the money for such needs. At Square Capital Funding we think it’s a shame to deny the loan money business owners need in order to grow- because we know that these business owners are creating jobs, and producing products people need.  This is always good for the economy!

That’s why our Bank Statement Loans are so kept simple, to the point and don’t penalize you for low or bad credit. So if you have bad credit, and need a business loan now is the time to apply!

How it works

In order to qualify for our bank statement business loans program all we require is that your business has been open for three months at the least, has made $8,000 in revenue each month, and like the name suggests that you provide three months of the businesses banks statements.  We do need to pull your credit, and the score needs to be a low 500- but it’s not the basis of our decision.  Most people, even those with poor credit, have a higher score than 500.

Square Capital Funding Business Loan Facts

–          Credit score of 500

–          Three months of business bank statements

–          Business must make $8,000 in revenue a month

–          No application fees

–          No early pay off fees

–          No back end fees

–          Funding starting at $2,000 and going all the way up to $2,000,000

It’s really that simple, and it’s our way of doing what we can to help businesses stay open, grow, and flourish!

Flexible Repayment Plans

One of our favorite things about bank statement loans is the flexibility of paying it back.  We know that every month is business is different. One month you might have a larger revenue, while the other month you were in the red.  Because of this, our flexible repayment plans make paying back the loan easy, stress free, and really just perfect.

What we do to allow for flexible payments every month is simply take a percentage of your monthly revenue.  That way, if it was a slow low month, you don’t have to stress about how to make your payment!  If business booms and we start bringing in a lot- we simply take the percentage of that revenue.

No loan fees of any kind!

When you get a business loan- and the loan works exactly how it was intended to, and you start bringing in more revenue- we don’t think it makes sense to be fined for paying your loan off early.  Not only does this help build your businesses credibility up, but it helps you and your business more and more!  That’s why we want to encourage you to pay the loan off early, so we won’t fine you for doing so.  Did you know there’s also no application fee, and no backend fees?! Yup, we like to keep applying for a loan simple- and that means no fees.  Ever.

1-2-3 Easy Application Process

  1. Print out three months of your businesses bank statements
  2. Fill out the application found here
  3. Sign in all the appropriate spots and submit it with your bank statements. Someone will call you within the next 1-4 hours to let you know if you were approved!

Bank Statement Loans for businesses can be used for just about anything. Once the money is directly deposited into your bank account, you can use it however it suites your needs best.  A lot of business owners will even use it to fund the down payment for investing in real estate- or even to hire more staff or pay for the expansion they so desperately need.  Other uses we’ve heard are for a more reliable vehicle, upgrading equipment, hiring staff, remodeling the current building, adding a second location, marketing materials and costs, website design, paying basics like utilities and rent when things get rough, and even Christmas bonuses for that staff that works so hard for you and the business!

Square Capital Funding wants to be here to serve YOU, the business owner.  We want to be your advocate to help get your business and credit back on track. Our loans that don’t just look at a number to decide if you qualify, and the flexibility of the repayments help you do just that.  Get that business where you need it, all while getting your low credit score higher and higher.


–          Bad credit Ok

–          2 thousand to 2 million loan amounts

–          No fees

–          Approved in 1-3 business days

–          Cash directly deposited into account

–          Easy Application process


If you have further questions or would like to talk to someone at Square Capital Funding, fill out the contact form on the right of the screen.


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