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Cash Business Capital

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  • I am very interested in get touch with you for two reasons the first one is that I want to get a credit or loan to increase my business, I want to incorporate a corporation texas, california, floruida, nevada , new york and washington dc corporations focus to web site promotions and also I want tio start some showrooms projects focus to the latin population in USA and Second one is to know if you can let me be your broker, I want to promote your services. I hope that you let me keep touch with you.
    Sincerely Yours.
    Javier Torrano

    • Martin Nowak

      Hello Javier, we can start loan process anytime, just let me know for what program you want to apply. About affiliate / partnership program please send me email.


  • Karen Rucker

    I am interested in a real estate loan to purchase cash flowing investment properties .Can you please let me know what the process is and can you fund real estate investment loans.

  • Angelos Nikolouzos

    Dear Sir Good day to you
    I’m Greek, I live and work in Greece
    My job, Trade food supplies restaurants, supermarkets, fast food.
    I’m a Local Office Director Insurance Company, Life Insurance, and Real Estate.
    Need Cash Loan Money
    Is it possible to get this loan from you;
    Because of my job, I know many people – customers who want loans.
    If you really give loans, and if you want we can work together to introduce customers to you.
    Send me a form, loan application to fill.
    I send my police ID.
    I expect your reply and the loan application.
    Thank you very much.

    Αγαπητέ κύριε Καλη σας μέρα
    Είμαι Έλλην, Ζώ και εργάζομαι στην Ελλάδα
    Η δουλειά μου, Εμπόριο τροφίμων, τροφοδοσίες εστιατορίων, σούπερ μάρκετ, φάστ φούντ.
    Είμαι καί Διευθυντής Τοπικού Γραφείου Ασφαλιστικής Εταιρείας, Ασφάλειες Ζωής, καί Μεσιτίες Ακινήτων.
    Χρειάζομαι Δάνειο Μετρητά Χρήματα
    Γίνεται να πάρω αυτό το δάνειο από εσάς?
    Λόγω της δουλειάς μου, γνωρίζω πολλούς πολίτες – πελάτες που θέλουν δάνεια.
    Αν δίνεται πραγματικά δάνεια, κι άν θέλετε μπορούμε να συνεργαστούμε να συστήσω πελάτες σε εσάς.
    Στείλε μου μία φόρμα, αίτηση δανείου να την συμπληρώσω.
    Στέλνω την αστυνομική μου ταυτότητα.
    Περιμένω απάντησή σας και την αίτηση δανείου.
    Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ.

  • Martin Nowak

    Hi Angelos,

    Business and personal loans are only for US residents, I have only one program for Real Estate purchase where you can apply, but property must be in the USA territory


  • I started my LLC in August of 2013 but I have not done anything with it because I was working a business with some partners that didn’t turn out well. I am really starting to work my own business now. My business will consist of buying turnkey properties 30% below market value that has a tenant in on a lease purchase option for 12-36 months. In order for this to work I will need 100% financing with an interest rate between 8-12% on an interest only payment for a 2-3 year time frame. Do you have any programs that can accommodate my needs and help me be able to do my business?

    • Hello Nelson,

      For 100% financing we have 65% LTV purchase loan without any documents and credit and for remaining 35% you can get business loan. Let me know if you want to process. Also our real estate purchase loan is only for residential 1-4 units not for commercial.


  • Darwin Amos

    I have three clients who are RWA to complete your loan app for the Unsecured Business Loan program # 1 ( 500 FICO, $5 K to $1 M). They need funds from $100 K to $500 K.

    Are the loan payments made monthly? Or…?

    Please advise as soon as you can. Ready to do business!

    Thank you

    Darwin Amos

    • Darwin, payments are made daily Mon-Fri, which is more convenience for clients, because instead huge one monthly payment, client repaying daily small portion of the balance due. Will call you to give you more details.


  • James Mosley

    Im looking to get a business loan for my trucking company. Please contact me at 404 955 6022

  • Duane Taylor

    Hello Martin,

    I am looking for financing for multiple properties in Michigan. I have been an investor for about fifteen years and I also manage the rehab aspect as well. Projects with acquisition and rehab generally costs $10-15k. Homes rent between $600-750 monthly. Let me know if this fits your criteria.

    • Hi Duane,

      This exactly fit our real estate financing criteria, just submit application, we can close up to 5 days.


  • I am a real estate agent in Greater Toronto Area. Ontario, Canada. Do you finance the Down payment in Canada as well. Or do you have any sister company in Canada who can help in down payment financing. Please advise.
    Ruby Jassal (416) 707-9392

  • Hi There.
    I am a Real Estate Agent in Greater Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. Can you allow me to act as your broker in Canada, I want to promote your services. I hope that you let me keep touch with you.
    Sincerely Yours.
    Ruby jassal 1 (416) 707-9392

    • Hi Ruby,

      No Canada, only if Canadian citizen have business registered in US (this is for business loans) or real estate property is in US (for real estate funding)

    • See my previous replay


  • Thomas

    I have several properties paid for in full. Values range between $85,000 and $150,000. I need to borrow between $40,000 and $80,000 as soon as possible.
    Thomas 269-753-3151

    • Hello Thomas,

      You can get cash in a few days, if you want to do cash out from properties what you have, i need simply application (you will find application on main menu on web site) also need any proof your ownership and current appraisal (if you don’t have we have to order). We can make closing up to 5 days.

      Second option is business loan, if you have husiness generating income; monthly cash flow no less than $5k.

      Let me know if you have any question


  • Ferid ISMAIL

    Hi Martin,
    would you please, tell me if you are interested in Real estate deals only ?
    do you have programs for out side USA projects ?
    thank you for your consideration and collaboration.

    • Hello Ferid,

      We doing both; real estate financing and business loans. For real estate funding, property must be in the USA


  • Your name is not Martin Pelmore is it?

  • Mitchell

    Are you the direct lender or a consultant agency?

    With 800 scores what amount of Biz LOC can we get?


    • Hi Mitchell,

      With 800 credit score you can get huge amount of credit, but more important with business loans is your business cash flow. Sometimes people with 500 credit score can get more money than people with 800, everything is depends of business condition. We focus on business not your personal creditworthiness. Send me more details, than I can tell you exact loan amount.


  • Mitchell Trancynger

    Need unsecured business line of credit. How quick can we obtain this? We have projects that need funding. 623 297-1320.


  • We have a client who has reviewed your Program #1 information and is ready to submit his funding request.

    He has fully completed your required Loan Application, along with 3 months bank statements. He is seeking to borrow $75 K- $100 K to expand his existing contracting company.

    Before we forward his file, can you please advise what type and amount of referral fees can you pay for new business? Please forward whatever Finder or Fee agreement or documentation you need for our execution.

    Please let us know as soon as you can. We are ready to send you his complete file in order to get a pre approval.

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

    ​Darwin Hooks, Compliance​
    SKYPE: thelpmtrust

    • Darwin Hooks

      We sent you an application and 4 months bank statements on behalf of our Client on April 6.for your Unsecured Business Loan, 500 FICO minimum.

      We have not been contacted yet by your office or, received acknowledgment of the Client’s application. Please advise if you received our Clients confidential information or if we need to resend.


      Darwin Hooks
      The LPM TRUST

    • Darwin,

      Are you still interested?


  • Hi Martin
    I have sent you an application yesterday for 200,000usd for 18 months the client is willing to to secure the loan against 8% monthly of credit cards receivables of 30,000usd a month. Please check your mail and send us your offer.

  • I have a client seeking $1.7 million DPA for a $30 million project.
    They have $28+ million in debt and equity thus far, but need to show this amount as cash on hand.
    Please advise!

    • Hi MCTZ,

      Our maximum amount for DPA is $1M. To qualify for that amount, your client must have open business with excellent cash flow. Let me know,


  • Kirkland

    I have a contract to purchase a commercial property which is a “cash-cow”. The property is a Hotel & generates between $72K – $90K monthly. My credit score are in the 500’s. What is the approximate dollar amount you would loan in a situation as this relative to the cash flow?

  • Ray

    Do you have a loan program for tax deeds purchasing

    • Ray,

      I have business cash loans, than you can use this funds for all kind of investments.


  • Major Wilkerson

    Yes I want to know how many inquiries will you run on my report.

  • Major Wilkerson

    I need a personal loan i have a fico of 715. How fast can I get funded. The amount i need is min of 10k

    • We have business loans base on your business cash flow only.


      • Major Wilkerson

        Ok so no income no doc loans now with 700 plus fico score

  • Ruth Davis

    Call me please I want to discuss files with you. You also have one of my files and I want to find out the status. 830-469-7805

  • Frank Jahoda

    I sent an e-mail to you. I need your help with down payment or JV.
    Please read my e-mail and reply as soon as possible, thank you, Frank

  • Rick

    Hi Martin,
    How many loans have you closed in 2014?

  • Margie

    Need you to contact me have income duplex want to buy

  • Hi Martin
    Please look at our website. We have applied for our institute certification and it is looking good . Our Cash flow is 10,00 to 12,00 a month 7 to 9 goes through the bank a month. I sent in all the paperwork for the business loan and it was returned to me” business closed” . Could you please call me 9044650985. I have one loan from you half paid off for $2500 . We are doing well . Our products are in 27 stores here in town which you helped make possible and they have consistently ordered more every few weeks. We are also in St Augustine in a few shops . My problem is that we moved to a new larger better location same rent as before but the extra furniture , equipment and misc has put us in a sink or swim mode . This move has caused the other side of our business to grow also with classes being larger but can not seem to get over the hump so need a little help :)
    Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you
    Green Lotus Studios

    • Hi Donna,

      Just try to call you to the number what you provide, but not successful also your mail box is full, than no chance to leave any voice message. You can call me at 224 805 7574 (if no answer please leave a voice message, I will call you back) We can definitely discuss all funding option and I am sure I can get you more money!!


  • Do you fund commercial loans in SC?

  • Dear friend martin warm greetings to you, I am very happy to contact you in this connection, I am needed some funding help from you,
    I am interested in real estate loan, to purchase a land and construct good house for me, please kindly help me in this regards. please let me the loan interest.
    i am interested in 2%. interest, I am running Orphan home, I am a charity person, feel free to contact me. for Loan.
    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Immanuel,

      We do not have any funding for land or construction, I can offer you financing for existing real estate property or business loan to use for your purchase or investment. Let me know,


  • shea lott

    contact number 912 484 9019

  • mike olson

    Do you loan downpayments for Walgreens NNN store purchases as well as apartment properties purchases, to $5,000,000.00?

    • Mike,

      I lend base on your current open business cash flow, business what you already own. Money coming as a cash and you can invest wherever you need.


  • Hello,
    Do you loan down payments for apartment properties purchases?

  • Vinod Patel

    Please contact us at 908-758-5767 as to discuss ROI on business loan.


    Vinod Patel.

  • Is this business loan or down payment assistance a series of credit cards or a true business loan?

    • Brenda,

      This is a TRUE, CASH business loan, money are deposited to your business bank account.


  • ibrahim mujuthaba

    dear sir

    my name is ibrahim i am from maldives and my company name is dhirubaan maldives pvt. ltd.we are doing construction ,interior finishing and landscaping projects.at the moment we are looking for 20% funding for our ongoing construction project.(total project amount is 300000$) my mail is dhirubaan786maldives@gmail.com phone: 009607683393.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you

  • Wayne Hunter

    Martin I have a credit partner with good credit 690 we need 185,000.00 to close on a mobile Home Park can you help us. This is a time sensitive deal.


    • Wayne,

      Credit Score 690 its not enough to get $185,000 in personal loan. You can get this amount in business line of credit. To get amount like this you have to have open business with good cash flow. Let me know,


  • jake shull


    I am looking for down payment assistance on purchasing a pain management practice. The biz is 1.6 million. The seller is willing to carryback 10-15 percent. Please let me know how you can help me. This is a very lucrative deal


    • Jake,

      Do you have open business generating income? We lend base on your current business cash flow,


  • Michael Stone

    We give out all kinds of loans with a very low interest rate of 2%. Contact us with your name, country, loan amount needed, loan duration, monthly income,cell phone number,sex via E-mail michaelstonelenders@yahoo.com.hk

  • Gregg Holmes

    We need down payment asssitance for a 2.2million apartment complex purchase deal near a major university fully occupied. Credit score is 685.

    • Hello Gregg,

      I need application and last 3 months of your business bank statements showing minimum $5,000 monthly cash flow. You can get cash to your account in the next 24-48 h,


  • Bruce linton

    Do you do equity lines on property with first. Mortgage at 55% loan to value?

  • Looking for 4500,000.00 down payment assistance for commercial loan. Borrowed dwn pymnt is ok with lender. Can do? What rates.

    • Hi J Powers,

      I can only do up to $1M, and to get maximum loan amount, your business cash flow must be very strong,


  • Hi Martin, I just sent you an Intro letter direct from pfg131, can you review and get back to me. Thank you.
    2.16.2015 – 1:11 PM

  • Don Blackford

    Looking for a down payment of around $280,000 for a hotel. High CAP rate…Great NOI. Hoping you can help.

    • Hello Don Blackford,

      Please send me application and last 3 months of your business bank statements,


  • Don

    Hello, I am looking for a DPA loan of $515,000 for a flagged hotel. Can you help me please.

  • My credit is around 687 you stated you have solutions for credit not at 700. We are in the to purchasing small apartment building and neednfunds for down payment and closing costs. can you assist.


  • Michael

    Hello Martin. We spoke on the phone a few minutes ago. My first client would like to buy a 8 unit property with no money down, no credit, in his corpation for 300k, that’s in need of a 45k rehab job rehab.

    My second client would like to rehab his building that he owns free and clear through his corporation.

    Ind addition to that, both of my clients would like a like a line of credit or business loan. Please call or email me asap.

    Michael W Christian

  • Hello, I have a commercial building that I would like to purchase the price is 50k is that possible with one of your programs? After purchase I would like to rehab to get money out of building, is that also possible?

    • Lashonda,

      Just sent you email few days ago with all the details. I can do purchase or cash out only with 1-4 units, but you can fit for my business loan program where you can use cash for your deal. If you own a business generating income at least $5,000 gross a month you are qualify. Let me know,


  • dev

    Hello, need assistance with the down payment for purchasing a hotel property near Chicago. I’m about 150000 short in down payment for the hotel property which is selling for about 1.8 mIL to 1.9 MIL, documented income, 3 yrs tax return-3 yrs pL statement available.. Great cash FLOw- great NOI- Stats and STR report provided by the Hotel franchise..BANKS are willing to finance this property with 275 000 down ! Let me know If I can be Helped.

  • Rao

    Project funding required

  • Tim Flanigan

    how does the business loan process work exactly? What do I do with the app and bank statements when I have them ready?

  • Don Carter

    Martin,i have recieved your information you sent me via email about your groups different loan programs,and i have an extensive network of direct principal borrowers and business owners that could truly benefit from your loan programs,i am interested to find out about your affiliate partnership opportunities where i could refer deals to you for funding and get paid either a referral fee or commissions on each closing.

    I sent an email to you yesterday also requesting information on this opportunity from you and have not heard back yet,you can reach me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

    Don C

  • Rendell

    Hi Martin,

    I came across your website and i wanted to know more about your DPA. If someone was interested in purchasing a current cashflowing business that is more than 4 years old, would they qualify for your DPA?

    Asking Price:
    Gross Revenue:
    Cash Flow:
    included in asking price
    included in asking price
    Real Estate:

    I look forward to your feedback.


    • Hello Rendell,

      To qualify for DPA you have to own business generating income. We lend DPA money only base on current business cash flow. We don’t do loans or DPA for business purchase, thank you


  • Sunny Patel

    I am looking to purchase a hotel in Colorado Springs, CO for $1,450,000 and i would like some assistance on a 20 percent downpayment.

    • Sunny,

      Do you own any business generating income? We lend down payment money base on customer business cash flow.


  • Doug Sellergren

    I have a seller willing to fund a down payment towards the purchase of his business Cash flow is 6.2m, anum Selling price is 1.2m I need what per cent down to qualify for your long term acquisition loan? Is there a personal guarantee on behalf of the seller?

  • Hello Martin,

    You were highly recommended. I will be sending you my application for a small business loan tomorrow.

    Thank you.


  • I have a house and I have separate peice of property with my shop on it . The shop is worth $250,000 plus I own it clear I am looking to build my personal house on that property so everything is on one property then sell my house I have now and use the equity to pay off loan . I am looking for 150k for 2 years or less no pre payment penaltys because prob be out in a year but I want a cushion . What would be the rate on this and be total payment a month and total amount owed at end ballon payment if any at the end of two years . Thanks

    • Tim,

      All funding products for real estate are for investments properties not for primary residence. If you like you can take a cash business loan, but to qualify you have to own a business, and your business must generate income each month. Business loans we lend base on customer business cash flow only.


  • John

    What is the maximum amount of funds you lend? How can an investor obtain help with the required down payment?

    • John,

      $1M, to qualify for down payment you have to own business, and business must generating income. We lend base on your business cash flow


  • I have a 1997-built house under contract in Indianapolis, IN. I can get 65% or $40,950. I need 35% ($22,050) to make up the $63,000, which is 70% of the A.R.V ($90,000). Can you finance the amount needed?
    Please let me know asap. I would like to close asap.
    Winston Henry
    317-972-6853 (h)
    317-970-8609 (c)

  • Liz


    Have a client looking for $25,000-$30,000 but wants a monthly repayment option.
    Do you offer that?

    • Yes, for monthly payment i need last 2 years business and personal taxes, 2 years in business, min. $150k revenue a year, no past bankruptcy and credit score min. 620. If your client don’t have above, i can offer weekly payments.


  • Suketu Patel

    I am looking for Commercial Apartment purchase financing/down payment assistance.

    • Hi Suketu,

      Thank you for your interest, in order to qualify for down payment assistance you have to have open running business generating income. We lend base on business revenue only.


  • Michael Daggett

    I am interested in adding you as a funding source to my business. I have clients looking for smaller purchase and rehab loans that I currently cannot provide.


  • Have a Full functioning business netting over $210,000 a year, looking for down payment assistance to purchase an apartment complex. Let me know if we can do business.

  • Mandi

    Can you email me please. I need a loan for investment property

  • Randi C

    I am an established bar/ restaurant in Pennsylvania looking to refinance. Can you help?

  • Kay

    I’m looking to purchase a 3 unit that needs repairs, how can I get some funds towards the repairs from The loan, and can I use other rental properties I own as collateral in place of some or all of the cash down payment

  • Gary

    Hi Martin,
    I just started my own remodeling business in August and would like to start adding rental properties or a flip to my portfolio. There are a lot of opportunities that I would like to take advantage of but just need funding. Can you contact me to see if I fit for anything.

    • Hi Gary,

      1. What is your monthly business revenue?
      2. What is your average credit score?


  • Luis Balderas

    Hi Martin,

    I have two rentals in Chicago area that gross $3155 a month. I want to buy more properties but I need about $25-30,000 to keep things going as I purchase more. Also what are your terms for purchase and rehab residential?
    what options do have through your group?

    • Luis,

      I can help you get business loan, to qualify you have to have open running business generating $8,000 gross revenue a month or i can do real estate funding 75% LTV, 6,5% interest. Min fico score for real estate funding is 630 but without documents,


  • Charlotte

    I am a setting up a real estate investment business. I am looking for funding for my first deal when I find it. Do you work with beginners?

    • Yes, but to qualify for funding, you have to have current business established, with good business revenue to get funding.

  • Boyce Velazquez

    Do you finance properties in Wisconsin? Do townhouses qualify? On your website it states a minimum down payment of 25% for residential properties, but I saw you mention 35% in other comments. Can you confirm the minimum down payment?

    • Hi,

      At this moment we can offer only cash business financing.You can use this funds for all real estate investments needs.

  • Do you lend in Maryland?

  • Tasha

    I received capital funding back in October and I am 60%done making payments. All of the sudden I really need to expand my salon for other girls to start working which is awesome! I’m going from 3 to 6 and needing to add a massage room. Can I get extra funding before the rest of my 40% is done being paid?

  • Joseph Snowhawk

    I have an opportunity to purchase someones portfolio of 10 rental properties all single family homes. Purchase price is $246K and the appraisal is at $350. This is 10 single family homes so it would need to be a commercial or business loan. The rentals are currently bringing in $5600 per month. My credit score is 750 but I have a forelcosure. Can I get a loan through you for the 10 properties and also assistance with the down payment? I own my own home and have $130k in equity.

    Thank you

    • Do you have open business generating income? We lend only base on business cash flow.

  • I have a client whose office is in Ontario Canada. Do you lend to a business in Canada. He is in need of funding.

  • Tammy Holderbaum

    I currently have a cash advanced loan through square and still owe 1500. Can I get another cash advance before it is paid off?

  • C Brantley

    I am looking to purchase a transportation and logistics company. Need down payment approximately $250,000 (max). Have primary lien holder. Company has strong financials and history. Let me know if this may be a potential fit for you. Thanks in advanced.

    • Hello Carl,

      We lend base on business revenue. Do you have open business generating income? We can’t underwrite base on future business what you will be purchasing. Please advice,


  • Jordan

    How would it work if I want to purchase a existing business or franchise

    • Jordan,

      You have to be in business min. 3 months

      • Jordan

        Ok so I would need to purchase the business and own it for 3 month before you can assist me correct? Ok and if I understand you correctly my next question is do you all refinance and if so how long are your terms?

        • Yes, you have to own business min. 3 months. We do not have refinancing for business loans,



  • Joshua conley

    My wife and I are want to purchase a commercial property that has been on the market for a few months. We run our own repair business day to day but would like to expand our reach and dramatically increase our income. We believe going to the next step is the best option. We would be interested in learning more about how your program works

  • Bevery Diltz

    I am interested in financing for a commercial and residential property located in St. Louis Mo.

    • Hello Bevery,

      We are no longer financing real estate, we can help you with easy business loan, than you can use this money for your real estate investments,


  • Derrick Noble

    I have a client who has a restaurant doing around $25,000 per month so about $300,000 per year. Can you help and how much can they potentially get?

    • Hello Derrick,

      Yes I can help. We finance anywhere from $5,000 to $2 Million. Please follow the link to fill out the application and submit it with three months if your clients business bank statements. http://www.squarecapitalfunding.com/apply/


      • Derrick Noble

        I sent an email regarding the referral fee. Can you email me your packet? Thanks.

  • Jennifer Kelly

    Are you the same as Square Capital associated with Square card reader?

  • KzH

    I’m looking to refinance out of some short term (6-12 mos) ACH business loans and get one with a longer term (up to 48 months) with cash out. Can you guy help with this?

  • hello ,
    I have been using square for a few years , we have a small pet store in sebring fl.I have taken out a square loan twice so far , since my sales are better in the winter business than in the summer it drastically slows down for me. Square offers me a loan for 3600 but i still owed 800 from the last . in hopes it would go up ,so I payed off my second lone early to kick off for the season , well as soon as I payed it off square it tells me “you are not currently eligible for a loan through Square Capital” so now I used every penny I had to pay off the loan and now I have really screwed myself ….as a fish store I can only sell if I get in more fish …can you help me ?

  • Chung S Kim

    My Corporation name is J2K Corporation DBA Buying Together
    I want to payoff letter from your company please contact me at
    Chung S Kim 703-622-4793
    Thank you

  • Sarah

    I wanted to apply for your business loan. I have a question about how you determine the loan I would be eligible for. I know the website says that it is based on the business’s monthly gross income, but how do you determine how much I will qualify for? Is it a percentage of the monthly gross income? I just want a general idea because I do not want an inquiry on my credit report and then I only qualify for a small amount that doesn’t help me. Thanks

  • Matt

    I’m interested in getting a down payment loan from you to purchase an existing resort, and am wondering how that works when many/most lenders will not approve a down payment loan as a down payment?

  • LM

    Do you have a refinance program for folk with 500+ credit scores? I have a portfolio of properties that are generating revenue. I would like to refinance them in order to purchase additional units.

  • jason manley

    looking for spec home financing, currently using hard money at 14% but would like to get line of credit for construction instead. 16 years in business 620 credit score. Looking for 400-500k but willing to look at anything. Can you help?

    • Please email us at info@squarecapitalfunding.com and we can discuss the details of our small business loan and what it can be used for.

    • jason

      how long does it take for comment moderation?

      • Hi Jason,

        Sometimes it can take a few days, sometimes we can get to it right away. The best thing if you’re in urgent need is to call our office at 855-825-8181 so we can give the attention you need. Thank you.

  • Sandra

    100 % real estate funding needed. Understand you do 65% How will/can the balance be funded? Do you do that or will you allow third party or seller financing for the second mtg. How long does it take to close.

    • Hello- we no longer do real estate funding but we DO offer business loans that come in cash which can be used for any down payment needs. Please fill out the application by following this link: http://www.squarecapitalfunding.com/apply/

      Once that is all filled out, email it to info@sqaurecapitalfunding.com with three months of your businesses banks statements. We can often look at other documents as well- so don’t hesitate to email anything else you have that might help. We look forward to helping you get the funding you need.

  • Catherine Adewoye

    Hi, Martin I am interested in getting financing for a 26 unit rental property. Do you do 100% finance. I do not mind private lender. Thanks.

  • Aaron Gwanyanya

    My partner and I want to purchase an existing business. The bank is lending us 80% and we are looking for 20% for the down payment . Can you help us?

    Thank you

  • I emailed an application and requested documentation on behalf of business funding loan two days ago, and I haven’t heard from anyone within your office; when can I expect to heard from someone?

    • Hello!

      Please call our office so we can get more information about your loan. (855) 825-8191

  • N.p.

    Hello Martin,
    I need project funding in india r u provide any ref. for Mumbai or Noida branch office.

  • Haseeb Javed

    Hello. I am interested in investing in a income producing commercial retail site with tenant paying rent. I need help with down payment to secure loan. Can you assist? I have the property financial cash flow I can provide. I sent you an email as well. Looking forward to hearing back.

    • Hello!

      We have received your email and will be in touch through that- thank you for reaching out to us!

  • Randy Pierce

    looking to purchase investment real eastate 125 assessed value 50k purchase price 24k annual income

    • Hi Randy,

      We no longer funding real estate, we can help with cash business loan what you can use for your investments. Please let me know if you are interested,


  • Jay

    I purchased land a few years ago and I want to expand my existing business. I want to build on the land with my business and other units available for lease. How good does my credit score need to be?

    • Jay,

      We don’t need your personal credit. We lend base on business revenue only. If you are interested, please let me know,


  • Michelle McKenzie

    Hello, I pray this finds you well.
    I have been fortunate to have been approved for 2 square capital loans.
    But have had no contact to inquire if I am interested in more funds. Am I no longer eligible?

  • I am i great newd to up my qualifications i have paid off one loan and in about the middle of paying off my second loan with you guys with my increased credit card sales. Please help! My company name is Artistry N Fur I have used square for several years now. Thanks!

  • Yvette

    I applied for a loan and changed the amount the same day. The loan was declined because it said I had an loan which was just the request that I cancelled. I have been trying to get in touch with someone that can help me reset the loan because I do need the smaller amount . Can you help me?

  • Kendall bright

    I would like to know…do ur company deal with owner operator that has its own trucking company and if so how big company must be???

  • chester suobiron

    do you approve a loan for buying amusement equipment?

  • Christopher Charles

    My names Christopher Charles, I am a rather young investor, though I contain a large amount of ambition, I’m looking for potential finding for a rather large project in Multifarious commercial real estate, 50+ units requiring 2,000,000 + in capital, could this organization be of any help? Possible advice.
    With Greatest Regards Chris

    • Christopher,

      We are no longer in real estate financing. We can help only with cash business loan. You can use this funds for your real estate investments. Please let me know if you are interested,


  • When using down payment assistant for real estate does it also cover other expenses such as a architect for the project?

  • Cynthia Orona

    Hello after I pay off my first loan how soon can I apply for another loan to purchase more supplies for my restaurant?

  • Simon Murat

    I.would.like.to.make.a.loan.rquest.because.ineed.a.business.improvement if.you.can.help.i.will.aprociate.that.thank.you.i.look.foward.to.keep.doing.business.whith.you

  • Shawna Hargis

    Good afternoon. I am a current square customer and square capital user. I’m about 1/2 way through my payment plan. I had a good opportunity to purchase some product but am short. Do I have the option of borrowing more currently?

  • Jordan

    I am looking for a loan to purchase a pre-existing business

  • I need. funding for. areal estate. project. with good equity. Involved. i want the deal​ done market value appraisal type deal i need. it done asap call me at 330-880-7501

    • Hello Dennis,

      To get qualify, your business monthly income must be min. $8k
      If you are interested cash business loan, please send us application and last 3 months of your business bank statements,


  • Jason Koberlein

    Do you have to have square account? I get paid directly with direct deposits for my business.

  • Hung

    We would like to refinance my commercial real estate with bad credits


  • Jeff

    I have a square loan now looking to get another one for a large purchase, my loan was 10,000 it’s paid way I think we owe 2500

  • Zackary Andrews

    Hi I’m trying to apply for the square offer I was given. I am having troubles with one of the questions on the required information. Can someone contact me please by email or phone. Thanks

  • Israel Mailau

    I’m currently negotiating buying a multi family apartment building and we would love to hear about your commercial down payment. Kindly let me know where to start and what requirements needed.

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