When you need fast cash- and you’re struggling with bad credit- the best place to come is Square Capital Funding! We have a business loan program for any business owner- even with bad credit. You can get cash, and fast, by our easy application process. Our repayment plans are flexible, personalized, and stress free. Apply here or keep reading for more information!

About Square Capital Funding

Our goal at Square Capital Funding is to give business owners that have been turned down for the business loans, or cash, they need simply because of a less than perfect credit score. Our lending program is structured in a way where your credit is not the only factor in our decision process. Since we take the loan out on the revenue of your business, we simply need to look at the condition of the business. Once we’ve seen how much it’s making every month, and once we see that your credit score is above 500 (which most people have) then we can make you an offer! If you accept the offer, money can be directly deposited into your account in 1-3 business days.

Business owners have been using their loans for the down payment needed for real estate investing, to pay for the expansion the business has needed, to hire more staff, to upgrade equipment, to consolidate debt by paying off their other business loans, or to simply take their patient and understand wife on the trip she deserves! Once the money is yours, you can simply do whatever you want with it. Don’t forget to tell us what you did with your loan money, we love hearing all the ways our loan program helped local business owners!

Fast Cash Loans Requirements

1. Business must be three months old at least

2. Business must have a monthly revenue of at least $8,000 every month

3. You must be able to provide three months of bank statements

4. Credit Score of 500 or higher

Bad Credit Doesn’t Have to be Bad

Here, we don’t look at your credit and use that to judge you and your businesses condition. We know that the credit score is just a number, and there a lot of reasons it’s low. We think looking at the bigger picture, so we can get you fast cash loans, makes the most sense. It’s simple, easy, and far more realistic. Apply today, and stop being afraid of the dreaded, “bad credit” word.

Flexible Repayment Options

Another great thing about our business loan program is that the repayment plans are personalized and flexible. We get it- not every month in business is going to be a big month. A flat fee that we determined out of nowhere doesn’t make sense. Instead, we take a percentage of the monthly revenue you bring in so you can focus on far more important things- your customers. That’s means no more worrying about making a payment, and no more struggling or asking friends for help. With our lending program, you truly can rest easy- and that’s worth everything right there.

Fast Cash Loans

When we say fast, we mean it! Our application process is simple and once submitted- takes only about 8 hours to approve. After it’s approved we can have the money directly deposited into your bank account within 1-3 business days! That’s a total of 4 days, at most- that it will take to get you the money you need.

We know things happen, equipment breaks or the roof leaks- and you need help as soon as possible. That’s another reason more and more people are coming to us for business loan help. Traditional lenders make the process of applying for a business loans far more complicated and that always adds time to the process. Avoid the lines, the waiting, the forms, the million signatures, the past ten years of tax documents and on and on- and come to Square Capital Funding for your fast cash loans!

Fast Cash Loans Facts

– No application fee, no back end fee, and no early pay off fee

– Loan amounts starting at $2,000 and going up to $2,000,000

– Bad Credit OK!

– Must be able to provide 3 months of businesses bank statements

What’s the Catch?

We often get asked where the catch is, and we simply smile and say, “there is none.” Because of how we approve you, and because of how we set up the repayment plans- we are allowed a lot of flexibility and ease and that’s exactly how we want it to be for you. We do not charge an application fee, we do not hide fees in other ways, and we do not ever charge for and early pay off. We want to not only help your business when it needs it the most, but we want to help you build that credit score up as well. Even though we don’t look at your credit score to get you approved, a lot of other companies for other lending do- so it’s always a good thing to get that score back in good ranking- and our program is the one to help do that.

Did you read that?

– No Application Fees

– No Hidden Fees

– No Early Pay Off Fees

– No Catch

– No Stress

If you aren’t already filling out that application form, what are you waiting for?! Even if your credit is the best it can be, our program is simply the most no nonsense loan program. Don’t fuss around with traditional banks- get the loan you need much faster- and get on with running your business!

If you have further questions- simply go to our contact page and call, email, or fill out an inquiry form. We are always here to help, answer questions, and get the process started. If you want immediate answers- simply comment at the end of this blog and we will respond promptly. We love being a click away!

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