Let me show you how to build business credit step by step; first step can be done immediately by making your business a separate entity, which separates your business credit from your personal credit history.

how to build business credit step by step
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You also have to ensure that all the necessary permits and licenses are acquired before opening your doors for business. This includes all federal, state and local licenses needed for you to conduct business in your industry.

Do a research on what credit bureaus and lenders look at for a company in your industry?  However, building your business credit is similar to building your personal financial credit profile. Here are a few steps you need to do to make sure your company credit profile is being built on a solid foundation.

  • Always pay before the due date.
  • Make sure your vendors report your prompt payments.
  • Limit the inquiries to your company’s credit profile.
  • Do not get too many business credit cards.
  • Never allow your licenses or permits expire.
  • Be sure to keep company books and financial well organize.

Banks are tight when it comes to lend money. Increasing your business credit score is also not the only thing a bank looks at when they looking at lending your company money. You have to start looking for ways to improve your company in the eyes of these financial institutions.

Loan Repayment – This is your company’s ability to repay any loans in a timely manner. This means you will have to keep a close eye on your company credit report. You have to contacting the credit reporting agencies to check that there is nothing negative reported on the report. If there is something negative, then you have to resolve it.

Business Character – Lending institutions want to ensure they are loaning money to an honest business. Many banks also want to make sure you have the expertise in your chosen industry. Never underestimate your character as the firm’s leader and the reputation on your business.

Capital – Everyone has heard that you need money to make money. This is true when it comes to securing loans for your company. You need some form of capital to ensure your loan will be approved. This can be done by using some form of collateral, but also making sure that you save a portion of your profits and invest profits.

Another question you may have is; how to build business credit with bad personal credit?

Don’t worry, good business credit report can be done with bad personal credit. For example; I have cash business loan program, the best for building business credit, starting with 500 personal credit score. Than with bad personal credit you can have very good business credit.

    These are just a few of the ways to start building your business credit, but these are just the starting points. If you want to make sure that you can borrow money when your company needs funds to expand, then maintaining positive business credit is a sure way of doing it.

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