It happens to every restaurant owner at some point.  It’s been a rough few months because the economy hasn’t been doing well or there was some random e-coli scare in lettuce again.  So guests stop coming to your restaurant.  You’re used to it, they always come back when the fear is gone or they have the money to go out to eat.  However- this time, your oven breaks and you have to get a new one to stay open- but you don’t have the cash flow for it.  Worse off, because of the slow few months you’ve missed payments and your credit took a nose dive into a poor credit ranking.

If this sounds familiar- don’t worry!  We have loans for restaurants and restaurant owners- even if you have bad credit!

Here’s How it Works:

All we need is three months of your businesses bank statements- as long as your business has

  1. A revenue of $8,000 a month or more and,
  2. Been open for no less than three months- YOU CAN BE APPROVED.

Yes! Even with low credit. We accept people with credit scores as low as 500.

About Square Capital Funding

At Square Capital Funding we want to be able to provide the local business owners that just need a little help.  We know times can get rough and we know that there’s often a good reason for low credit- let us be the lender that help you get back on your feet or just helps you fund that equipment.  It’s exactly why we’re here!

Our business loans for restaurants are fast, easy, and stress free.  We want to be able to help your business not just stay open, but grow and make more of a profit. A lot more!  No more asking Mom and Dad for money, no more selling every item in your house, no more begging the bank.  We understand that your credit is just a number- though we look at it we do not use it to determine if you qualify.

Business Loan Facts

–          Easy 1-2-3 Application Process

–          Low/bad Credit Accepted

–          No Fees (no application fee, no backend or hidden fees, and no early payoff fee)

–          Funding in your account in 1-3 business days

–          Funding amounts starting at $2,000 and going all the way up to $2,000,000

–          Funding amount determined by cash flow of monthly revenue

How Business Loans for Restaurants can Help your Restaurant

Running a business is expensive- there are constant repairs needing to be made, payroll, rent, utilities, equipment and on and on.  The hard part about the restaurant industry is a lot of it depends on the economy- when the economy isn’t strong the first thing people cut out of their budget is eating out.

The good part about owning a restaurant is you often have the cash flow, or even equipment (even if it’s older) that you can add into the equation a bit. This is incredibly common for a lot of industries, and often called, “factoring.”

We don’t really use that term anymore, but the idea is the same- no matter where your credit score is, if you have a business in good condition and need a loan to build capital then you have the option of taking a loan out on the businesses cash flow.  This is often very effective, affordable, and far faster than then traditional banks and loan process.  The other good thing about our loans is we never charge fees and we always keep the payments flexible.

Once you receive your loan- you’re free to do whatever you need with it. That could be upgrading kitchen equipment, using it as a down payment for that second location, remodeling, expanding, hiring that more experienced chef, or simply giving the staff the bonuses they deserve.

We know this can all be a bit confusing- so let’s define terms we often use to help.  Remember- if you have any questions just comment below and we’ll be happy to answer you!

Common Terms in Business Loans

Cash Flow:  Every business has cash flow.  That’s cash flowing in through purchases, or cash flow going out from the costs of running a business (taxes, payroll etc).  Your cash flow is NOT the profit. The profit is what is left after you’ve paid all your bills.  Cash flow is simply how much cash you have coming in.

Capital:  There are really a lot of uses for this word, but typically people are referring to cash flow when they capital.  They want to be making more money, more capital.  And a lot of times, that takes…you guessed it….capital.  It’s a funny world we live in- but that’s why we make it easy to get the capital you need!

Profit: We kind of covered this already, but profit is the amount of money left over after all the bills and taxes have been paid.  Here at Square Capital Funding, we want to give you the capital you need in order to see that profit become more and more.

If you’re ready to apply, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Go HERE to download our application and fill it out (don’t forget to sign)
  2. Print out or download the last three months of your businesses bank statements
  3. Email all the information to Square Capital Funding at:


That’s truly it!!!  We’ve been able to help thousands of business owners just like you. When they came to us they thought they were completely out of options and couldn’t believe how easy the process was. Don’t take no for answer from the traditional banks- come to Square Capital Funding and get the loan you need to not just keep that restaurant open, but to help it grow and thrive and bring in more profit!

If you have questions, comment below, email us, call, or simply fill out the form to the right of the screen.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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