You can get Online Installment Loans for Past Credit Issues;

–       Loan amount $2,000 – $2,000,000.
–       Not credit driven;
–       Past Credit Issues ok!
–       Stated income, no assets, no up front or back end fees!
–       Get CASH with Past Credit Issues without any FEE’S!!!
–       Business must be generating a current income of $8,000
–       We accept bad credit
–       Bankruptcy ok,
–       Judgments ok,
–       Collections ok,
–       Minimum credit score is 500.

What we require is for you to have an open business that’s been generating income worth 8K a month- that’s it!!

online installment loans for bad credit
Get CASH with Bad Credit without any FEE’S!!!

Installment loans for Past Credit Issues are never reported to your personal credit history. The good thing is loans are reported to Dunn & Bradstreet and Experian Business to build and grow your business credit history, which is extremely important when you plan to get loans in the future. You do not have to build your business credit separately and pay for this service; once you are approved your business credit will be established with the most quality trade which is a cash business loan – no horrid trade line for Office Depot or a Starbucks Card!! Then your Paydex business credit score will boost to the top!! It’s truly the perfect fit for you!

Since the installment loans for Past Credit Issues are unsecured, the business owner can rest assured that his/her home is safe regardless of what happens with the business.  This provides a lot of security, something my customers really need these days. You can trust that I’m looking out for your best interest- I will not advise you to risk your home or personal assets.

Time is of the essence!! You can obtain your online installment loans for Past Credit Issues within 24 hours of an application being submitted. If you meet our requirement – your loan is guaranteed.  I can also help you obtain another loan with bigger limit after current loan is paid off 55%.

Don’t forget about your business credit history, together with loan repayment your business credit will be built and your business will get a strong business rating.

Online installment loans for Past Credit Issues are unsecured; meaning no matter what happens, your home, savings, retirement, investments and all assets are 100% safe, secure and insulated from any recourse. You and your business will establish relationships with banking partners immediately, thus seeding your company’s financial future with a valuable lending partner.  Again, this is really important and great way to get started.

Loan limit can increase after 60 – 90 days, in some cases double or triple your existing limit.

Square Capital Funding is abundantly aware that the majority of business expenditures require cash; this is why our loans are true cash loans to properly capitalize the business or investment. No other financing option in existence can offer cash with very bad credit. We eliminate all of the guess work and present a funding strategy with a 98% success rate.  We’re unconventional, and that’s because it works.  When you have bad credit you need to start somewhere – and our program is the best place to start.

If you are interested Online Installment Loans for Past Credit Issues, please

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10 thoughts to “Online Installment Loans for Past Credit Issues

  • Sean

    Hey Martin,

    I’ve started my business 2 month ago and planning to open a second location, Is there anyway you can help while I understand you require 3 month of bank statement. My sales have been increasing and currently doing over 8k per month


    • Martin Nowak


      Please send me application and last 3 months of your business bank statements, i will approve you in 2-3 hours,


  • James V Barone jr DDS

    I have a current advance that is 60% paid. This is paid through a percentage of my CC Sales. Would I be able to roll over the remaining amount due into a new advance and continuing to pay via Square receipts? Or do I have to through the installment loan process. I would prefer to add capital to my existing advance because I don’t really notice the extra percentage you take on every transaction and is more convenient.

    Thank You
    James Barone

  • Stephanie

    Hi there!

    I started my business from home…in the last year I have done very well and have a great customer base. I have found a location to open my store front but need a loan for equipment costs. At the moment I am somewhat shy of the $5000/month requirement however, this is only because of having to work from home. Once the actual store front bakery opens, I am positive this will not be an issue.
    Is there anything you can do too help? Credit score is lower/mid 600’s.
    Thank you!!!!

  • Joseph Padgen

    Business expand

  • Donna

    My application and bank statements were returned . It says Business Closed ????
    How can I get this done quicker we have already had one loan for $2500 from you is there a way to . I moved to a new place and at the sink or swin phase lol!!

    • Martin Nowak

      Donna, we already spoke on the phone, everything is working and waiting for another approval. We be in touch on emails.



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