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Need a Restaurant Cash Advance?

 Owning a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding thing- a dream come to true for many.  While it’s a lot of fun, and rewarding when you’re known in your community for your fine tasting food- running the business end of the restaurant is expensive.  That’s why we have our unique restaurant cash advance and five tips on running that restaurant just for you. 

Our loans are perfect for the restaurant business owner that needs to expand, hire another chef, or upgrade some cooking equipment.  The good news about our Restaurant Business Loans is that you can be approved even if you have low credit.  That’s right, we approve business owners with credit as low as 500 every day!  So if you need to upgrade that stove, or expand to fit more guests that come to eat- but have bad credit- this is the loan option you’ve been looking for.



But first? Let’s go over some tips so you can keep that business thriving!

Running a Successful Restaurant Tipsrestaurant Merchant cash advance

We know you’ve been running your restaurant for at least three months- but it’s always good to be reminded of how to run a restaurant and how to keep it successful. Here are just a few things we’ve been told from restaurant owners that have come to us for business loans.

  1. The Triangle

This is often called, “The Big Three.”  To have a thriving restaurant you need to have an amazing chef, amazing location, and even more amazing concept.  Sometimes- if the concept is good enough, when the other two aren’t top notch it will carry you through.

  1. Mentor and Teach

If you keep all the skill and knowledge you’ve learned to yourself, your business won’t grow or thrive.  If you opened the business as a chef- train another chef.  If you’re more the business person, train a manager how to run a business. There will come a time where you need to depend on these people so teach them well.

  1. Spoil your Guests

When it comes to your guests, you cannot overly spoil them.  So don’t go cheap on anything that touches them or effects them. Do everything you can to make their experience unique and memorable.  Make sure the food is perfect every time, and even send out complimentary desserts or even a glass of wine.  People love free stuff.  There’s no better marketing than word of mouth- to make people want to come back!

  1. Be Moldable

Chefs are a lot like artists- they don’t want to conform to anyone else’s standard of anything.  They hate systems and they hate rules.  But, in order to be profitable and thrive, you need to be organized and have systems in check that help keep things flowing nicely.

  1. Communicate

It’s incredibly important to be a strong, assertive communicator when you’re running any business.  Not only that, but your team, they all need to be masters at communication. This is incredibly important when running a restaurant- where you have the waiters and chefs- and hundreds of people with very specific orders.  Always work on communication!

These are just a few tips we’ve heard from some other business owners that were getting our restaurant business loans!  We’ve seen a lot of restaurants come and go- and it seemed the ones that stuck around and proved the test of the time were the ones that followed those simple rules.

If you’re ready to get the process going and want to apply for your loan- we don’t blame you!  Whether it’s for equipment, that new chef, or simply a remodel to keep up with the trends- we’re here for you.


Restaurant Business Loans Facts

  • Bad Credit Ok
  • No Application Fee
  • No Back End Fees
  • No Early Pay Off Fees
  • Flexible, Personalized Payback Plans
  • Approved with money in your account in 1-3 Business Days


Bad Credit OKrestaurant Merchant cash advance

Sometimes people find it hard to believe that we can accept you for our business loans if you have credit as low as 500.  But it’s true!  We do have to pull your credit score, but we do not use it to base our decision off of.  What we do is look at the condition of your business- how much revenue it brings in every month- and we look to see that it’s been open for three or more months.  As long as you meet those few requirements, we’re confident we can get you the funding you need for your restaurant.

No FeesRestaurant Cash Advance

You heard that right, no fees- ever!  When you’re tight for money the last thing you need to stress about is finding, even more, money to pay for the application where you’re asking for more money. It really makes no sense and we feel it just complicates more! That’s why we won’t charge you to apply, and we won’t sneak any fees in the process.  Plus, if you are able to pay the loan off early and do- we won’t penalize you by an early pay off fee.  We like to keep things simple- kind of refreshing isn’t it?

Flexible Monthly Payments

Because we take a loan out on the cash flow of your business, your monthly payment is simply a percentage of that.  That means if you have a slower month you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay- or if you have an awesome month, you can pay even more of the loan down.  This helps you focus on what you should be focusing on- your customers and your employee’s.

Application Process

  1. Download three months of your businesses bank statements (the last three months)
  2. Fill out our application here
  3. Email these to:

That’s it!  As soon as we take a look at the condition of your business, we will call you with an offer. It typically takes about 8 hours, and you can have your funds directly deposited in 1-3 business days.

Remember- there’s never any obligation with our restaurant business loans- apply today.














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