Get Unsecured Small Business Loans for Bad Credit in less than 24 hours! Plan includes no fixed payments, making repayment a breeze. Payment are made base on a small percentage of your business total sales allowing you to focus on other important things, your customers.

Unsecured Small Business Loans for Bad Credit
Apply for Business Loan no matter how Bad is your personal credit!! Get your cash in 24 hours!!!

How does it work?
Small businesses can apply for unsecured funding of up to $1,000,000. The amount depends on the business’s needs and cash flow. We will purchase a pre-determined amount of the business’s sales volume and payments will be fixed percentages of future sales.

What can the business loan be used for?
There are absolutely no restrictions on what you can do with the money. It can be used for common expenses like expansion, remodeling, and stocking up on inventory.

How easy is it to get approved?
It’s very easy to get approved. Apply and get a cash approved  in as short as 24 hours with very minimal documents!

How much does it cost to apply for a business loan?
Absolutely nothing! We offer a no-cost, no-obligation free quote when you apply.

When will I receive the funds?
Once your application is approved, you will receive your funds in less than 2-3 days.

I am currently with another financing company that provided me with a business loan; can you still offer me money?
Of course! We generally offer larger cash loan than our competitors, and can even pay off your existing loan.

What if I already have a business loan?
As long as you meet our requirements, you can immediately get your funds and this will not affect your current loans.

I have bad credit, can I still qualify?
Yes, you can. Since Unsecured Small Business Loans for Bad Credit based on your future sales and not your credit history, bad credit will not affect your application.

How do I pay back my business loan?
It is completely automated. A fixed percentage from your future sales will be used to pay off your cash advance.

Easy Loan Repayment Plan

   With our loans, there is no compounding interest or pre-payment penalties. Based on your monthly revenue, we simply offer an advance with a fixed payback amount. Furthermore, all our approvals are non-obligatory and do not require you to pay any upfront fee. We value your privacy and hence, all your information is kept private and is not used to solicit to you unwanted products and services.

So apply today for Unsecured Business Loans Bad Credit and find out the loan amount your business is eligible for! You can start here


Turnkey Repayment Option

   Under our Bank Only ACH program, you will be required you to deposit your revenue into a bank account, and we will take a small predetermined percentage of the deposits as part-repayment. Unsecured small business loans for bad credit is designed to ensure that you do not find it a challenge to operate your business while making the repayments, or feel the heat of the debt any time during the loan.

See you at the top,

Martin Nowak

16 thoughts to “Unsecured Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

  • Darwin Amos

    Good morning Martin. Just wanted to give you a heads up…..

    I just sent over my first referral client for your great Unsecured Business Loan. I sent you the Client’s completed application and, the required minimum 3 months bank statements.

    Have about five more pending in the next 5-7 days for you. Please confirm receipt and get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thanks Martin !


    • Martin Nowak


      Got you app and bank statements, will give you offer in a few hours.


  • loudia cosey

    have bad credit looking for a loan to pay back debt and start a business can you help me

  • loudia cosey

    I have rental property but bad credit these two get a loan to pay off bad debt and get me started on the real estate business of buying and selling

  • Heather Luu


    I have a few applications I need to submit. Please contact


  • Martin Nowak

    Hello Nick,

    No, I do not have business acquisition loan, I loan for existing businesses based on business cash flow.


  • Nick

    Will you make a loan to purchase a ongoing business using the business bank statements and cash flow?

  • Milan B Kim

    pls. contact me in your earliest convenience.

    thank you and happy thanks giving

    • Martin Nowak

      Hi Milan,

      Do you have any question??



    I am interested to become your representative as assign here in the Philippines. i have many clients here need a capital of their housing project. if you consider my intention please let me know

    • Martin Nowak

      Hello Pepito,

      This type of loan are only addressed for US based companies, sorry.


  • Dean Treanor

    Would like information on acquisition financing for business/real estate


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